TGV Reseau Duplex 10 Car Powered Set


Scale: 1:160, N
TGV Reseau Duplex 10 Car Powered Set

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TGV Réseau Duplex to be active as a high-speed train linking the major cities in France Railways (SNCF) (Resolution Duplex) the product of Duplex (Resolution Duplex>) is was newly built in the locomotive for the Réseau (Resolution) that has been worked out by the passenger diversion (Duplex) is a combination of passenger cars, 19 from 2007 appeared.

Currently, it is active in Réseau (Resou) trains and up to 20 train trains from Paris Lyon station to Marseille on the Southeast and Mediterranean lines. The prototype is a 606 train of dual-power-supply vehicles applicable to international trains, and you can enjoy it not only with the same TGV series but also with other high-speed trains active in Europe. A 20-car train with two trains can also be reproduced.


  • Prototype is a car with 2 power sources of 601-612/616-619 formation. 606 train numbers are selected.
  • Different from the Réseau train, there is a gradation pattern on the side of the locomotive body and the locomotive number notation under the train number is reproduced
  • Cross section of the locomotive and passenger car Different colours are reproduced.
  • The TGV, which has a blue base on silver, accurately reproduces the familiar paint.
  • Headlights and taillights are lit (light bulb color LED). By replacing it with the attached dummy board, it is possible to reproduce the appearance that the light was turned off when the locomotives were combined together.
  • The one with 6-pin socket is suitable for M1 and M2. However, it is necessary to change the setting of the CV29 value of the decoder installed in M2 and reverse the control of the headlight / tail light.
  • Remove the coupler cover at the beginning of the locomotive and use the attached combined drawbar Depending on the situation, you can compose a 20-car train that is a combination of 2 cars like the actual car.


ClassReseau Duplex TGV
LiverySilver / Blue
Paint FinishPristine

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Barcode 4949727679020
Manufacturer Kato
Manufacturer Code 10-1529
Scale/Gauge 1:160 Scale, N Scale
Product Category Model Railway Locomotives, Model Railway Locomotives\European
Product Type Locomotive
Locomotive Control Setup Analogue DC
Locomotive Power Type Electric
Continent/Region Europe
Country France
Operator SNCF
Era Epoch VI